LGBTQ POC Townhall at 110th NAACP Annual Convention July 20-24, 2019

On Tuesday, July 23rd at 2:30Pm – a Lesbian, a Gay, a Bisexual, a Transwoman and an Ally will walk on the stage and what happens next will be EPIC!!!!
Moderated by Keith Boykin, Jey,nce Pointdexter, Nicole Denson, Robert Marchman, Curtis Lipscomb and I will discuss the State of LGBTQ People of Color in America at Cobo Center.
Then the conversation and fellowship will continue at 5:30PM at the 10th NAACP LGBTQ Commemorative Reception at the Detroit Marriott. Won’t you join us ? 66772080_10157317418804246_8190924884591771648_n

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