Ode to Kamala Harris/Our Vice President

Black Magic Woman/Black Girl Magic (Ode to Kamala Harris 2020)

By Michelle E. Brown

She’s a Black magic woman

Can’t be up to no good some say

Because she can’t be controlled

In her heels, her tims, her sneaks

Determined, unwavering

But her beauty, her wisdom

Can’t be denied

We say she is a queen

They say that can’t be

Tell us she is the other

Not ours, not theirs

So her magic must be some

Supernatural power

That’s trying to make a devil out of things

Out of them, in their eyes

For that alone we see her

She’s a Black magic woman

With her angry words

With her uppity ways

Try to keep her down,

Yet still she’ll rise

A voice too powerful to deny

Waiting to explode, breaking boundaries

Black Magic Woman,

Amazon warrior

Keeper of the dream

Her wisdom, Her beauty

Will not be erased

Will not be denied

Now they call it Black girl magic

Celebrated in song and words

Shining bright for all the world to see

Her Black girl magic

In her heels, her tims, her sneaks

Is her Black woman legacy

Not something new but

Ancient, eternal, unbound

Work your magic woman

Black Magic Woman

Inspiring Black Girl magic

Mother, leader, future

Your time is now

Bring the change

Say her name


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