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Summer 2015

Michelle E. Brown is fearless. A champion for diversity at every level, she isn’t afraid to tackle the most difficult issues faced by our communities. Her power lies in her ability to find common ground.

As a community organizer, an authentic speaker, and a dynamic leader, Michelle is a true voice for women, African Americans and the African American LGBTQ community. She has the presence and skills to motivate people—all people—into action by advocating for fundamental change on the most basic levels. Where other people talk about civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights, etc., Michelle speaks a common language. “By shedding light on our ability to appreciate and respect each other,” she says, “we can move forward as a civilization.”

Born and raised in Detroit, she has used her strength as a communicator to confront the issues of affordable housing, community development, gentrification, homelessness, drug addition, and bringing HIV/AIDS housing in Detroit. An advocate for youth empowerment, Michelle has worked with several youth programs and initiated reading and writing workshops for children in the Detroit Public School System.

Michelle is a guest columnist whose viewpoints and articles have appeared locally and nationally including in for Between the Lines Newspaper, GBM News, the Detroit News, Michigan Citizen and Cherry Grrl. commentator on Radio Free Georgia’s “Alternative Perspectives,” and has appeared on Democracy Now. She co-hosts the national weekly blog radio show CAN WE TALK FOR REAL from Chicago, IL and monthly open mic program “EVolution” in Ferndale, MI. She is also a novelist, a children’s author, and a poet. Her books include “Jack with the Curly Tail” for children “Wild Fruit Hidden in Open Spaces,” a collection of prose and another book of poetry released in October, 2014 “Three Layers & a Brassiere”.

With countless awards, accolades, commemorations, and guest appearances, Michelle E. Brown is constantly asking the question (to everyone from neighbors to diplomats), “What kind of world are we leading our children into?”

She empowers everyone to whom she speaks to be accountable for the state of the world and our communities.



NCBW Oakland County Women of Distinction, Pioneers & Leaders – 2016

Certificate of Appreciation Department of Veterans Affairs, Saginaw MI – 2016

G-List Society: The Black LGBTQ Influencer – 2015

Outstanding Women Activist Award – 2014

IWLA Recognition for Contribution to Community – 2014

Esteem Award Outstanding Podcast “CAN WE TALK FOR REAL” – 2014

Esteem Award Outstanding Service Female – National, 2012

Inductee Who’s Who in Black Detroit, 2011

OUT Magazine Hidden 100 LGBT POC Leaders, 2011

Profiled in Curve Magazine, 2010

Media Award – Michigan Annual Pride Banquet, 2007

Award of Merit National Poetry Society, 2007

Triangle Foundation Catalyst Award, 2005

Spirit of Detroit Award, 2005

Diversity Outreach Award – Human Rights Campaign, 2004-2006

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