Collections by Michelle Brown

“Collections” premiered January 5, 2017, and airs every Thursday @ 7PM (EST)! Podcast can be heard on BlogTalk Radio, ITunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud

The show was described as “a natural, organic, authentic and powerful collections of interviews created to highlight the lives of those standing boldly in the crosshairs of their intersectionality and creating change as they move through life.”


Michelle Brown: “We have worked to build a world that our children can see. A world where every man, woman, and child has the right to health care, where access to procedures, medications, and research isn’t driven by big pharmaceutical profits, but by the needs of the people. Where women are the keepers and decision makers for our bodies. A world where every person has a right to equal opportunities for employment, with a fair living wage.”

~The Washtenaw Voice, Women’s March Ann Arbor

Brown is one of the few people in the LGBTQ community I can say without hesitation that her platform is authentically selfless to benefit us LGBTQ people of color. I also feel that she truly cares that I keep up the work that I do for the community.

~The G-List Society

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    Thank you for listenong and supporting CAN WE TALK FOR REAL blog radio.

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